Working principle of dry ice blasting

Uses high speed compressed air to accelerate dry ice at -78 oC for cleaning.

Compressed air to accelerate dry ice pellets to supersonic speed to impact onto the dirty surface
The dirt is quickly chilled and cracked by dry ice pellets (at -78 oC) and cracked.
The dry ice pellets expand 700 times in size, during sublimation. That will create tiny “explosions” on the dirt surface and inside the cracks. Such “explosions” will further enhance the cleaning result.
The dry ice pellets being accelerated by compressed air to supersonic speed. Such high-speed pellets will impact and detach the dirt from cleaning surface.

ACI asia blasting machine

How dry ice cleaners work: Speed up the tiny dry ice particles of -78C for cleaning with high-speed aircurrents Benefits of dry ice cleaners: Compared with conventional cleaning methods, more safe and environmentally friendly, no secondary pollution in the cleaning process, relatively high efficiency, saving labor costs, low working environment requirements, easy to promote the using of it.

Environmental protection: Non-destructive cleaning methods, no pollution to the environment No secondary contamination after cleaning, dry ice turns into gaseous carbon dioxide into the air The cleaning process is non-toxic Inhibit the growth of microorganisms such as mold

Economic efficiency: Less resource consumption during the cleaning process Carbon dioxide is mainly derived from industrial by-products Simple cleaning

Continuous production equipment during cleaning Scope of application There are almost no restrictions on cleaning materials that can be used instead of water, chemical lotions, and certain abrasive materials No corrosion, low hardness, almost no damage to surface Strong cleaning ability, for difficult to effectively clean the hole dirt For attached dirt, such as oil stains, paint, etc. No wear, no foam, no conduction during the cleaning process

Applications:Automotive, aircraft and ship building Cleaning cars, aircraft and ships Mold processing Metal, plastic processing process mold temperature is high, dry ice cleaning machine can not be cooled to clean the mold, no residue after cleaning Food industry Dry ice cleaning process can sterilise and inhibit microbial growth Silicon-free nozzles and high-grade filters can meet food hygiene requirements Construction and street cleaning Clean up graffiti, moss, and non-invasive oil on the walls Cleaning of low-hardness, wear-prone materials such as marble, acrylic and other sheets Other typical applications Online clean-up of dirt on the surface of tire molds, plastic molds, metal die-cast molds Petrochemical refinery heating furnace (heat-media furnace) fouling blow-off clean-up Turbine blades do not remove and clean up descaling Food baking line clean-up Precision printing machinery ink cleaning Cleaning of nuclear power plant facilities Mobile phone case deburring

Dry ice particle size 4 Adjustable, minimum 0.5mm, up to 3mm (industrial dry ice diameter 3mm) Nozzles of different shapes, as well as extension tubes, to meet different cleaning needs Reliable design for long-running cleaning


Dry ice consumption 0 – 100 kg/h
Dry ice volume 15 kg
Injection pressure 0.5 – 10 bar
Power consumption 1 kW
Air consumption 3 – 8 m3/min
Net weight 105 kg
Dry ice tube length 7 m length x width x height (mm) 810x610x995
Android remote control


Dry ice consumption 0 – 100 kg/h
Dry ice volume 6kg
Injection pressure 0.5 – 10 bar
Power consumption 1 kW
Air consumption 1 – 4 m3/min
Net weight 80.5 kg
Dry ice tube length 5 m
Length x width x height (mm) 800x470x860
Android remote control



aci asia blasting machine

Nozzle series: download the editable excel file.

*Optional: 15 bar

Be aware of the extreme low temperature of ice pellets (temperature of ice pellet: -78 oC) which could cause burn and only operate with safety gears

Adjustable for 4 sizes of dry ice, from 0.5 mm to 3 mm (by using industrial dry ice 3 mm diameter)

2 different shapes of nozzles and with the extension hose to meet with different cleaning requirements.

Reliable design for different cleaning applications.

Attention: Please be aware based on ambient humidity dry ice feeder may ice up. Condense water turns into ice blocks which could clog up the grinding and feeding mechanism. In order to minimize the risk always keep the lid closed.

Automotive, aircraft and shipbuilding industries: cleaning cars, aircraft and ships; cleaning engines, metal frames, etc.; removing oil layers and peelable coatings


Mold processing: The mold temperature in the metal and plastic processing process is high, the dry ice cleaning machine can clean the mold without cooling, and there is no residual substance after the cleaning.


Food industry: Dry ice cleaning process can sterilize and inhibit microbial growth Silicon-free nozzles and high-grade filters can fully meet food hygiene requirements


Building and street cleaning: Clean up graffiti, moss, and non-invasive oil on walls to clean materials with low hardness and wear, such as marble, acrylic, etc.



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Industrial Technology Application: DIY Customized Jeans Machine

robot blasting machine

Industrial Technology Applications: Liquid Dry Ice Cleaning Circuit Board


New:Snow Jet, focus at specific point & accelerate the dry ice for Selective Cleaning, typically service the automation, smartphone, semiconductor etc.


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aci asia blasting machine
aci asia blasting machine